Since 1921, Scanlan International has been committed to the design and manufacture of the highest quality surgical instrumentation. Now, in our fourth generation, our family continues its dedication to providing the best surgical products to medical professionals around the world.

Loftus™ Carotid Endarterectomy Set

Clinical use of the SCANLAN® Loftus™ Carotid Endarterectomy Set.

Super-Micro Fine Microsurgical Instruments

designed to meet the needs of all microsurgeons who work under a high power operating microscope or utilize surgical loupes to facilitate microvascular surgical technique by anastomosing small nerves and vessels.

Chitwood Knot Pusher

Enables the surgeon to securely tie knots even in deep operative fields through small incisions. The “Trap Model” design securely holds suture during the tying procedure and prevents suture from slipping out.