The First Generation.



Scanlan’s dedication to surgery began with Dennis Scanlan, Sr. in 1921! He attended meetings and supported the needs of surgical professionals with the design & manufacturing of the highest quality surgical instruments. These instruments were all manufactured with a revolutionary new material called “non-rustable” steel (stainless steel) which he introduced to the United States.


Dennis R. Scanlan & Bobby McLean

Dennis R. Scanlan, Sr. – manager and promoter of speed skater Bobby McLean (shown above), and figure skater Sonja Henie… discovered Swedish non-rustable steel (stainless steel) which was ideal for surgical instrumentation.


Early Scanlan Exhibit

Early Scanlan exhibit displaying a wide variety of surgical instrumentation, designed for various surgical specialties.


Mayo Scissors

Dr. William J. Mayo works in collaboration with Dennis R. Scanlan, Sr., to design and manufacture the first Mayo surgical scissors.


Crile Forceps

Dennis R. Scanlan, Sr., makes the first Crile forceps for Dr. George W. Crile at the Cleveland Clinic.


Chrysler Building

Dennis R. Scanlan, Sr., convinces Walter Chrysler to use stainless steel for the roof of the new Chrysler Building in New York.


Cushing Forceps

Dennis R. Scanlan, Sr., works in collaboration with Dr. Harvey Cushing to create neurosurgical instrumentation.


Portable Iron Lung

Dennis R. Scanlan, Sr., invents the portable iron lung for use in the treatment of polio patients.


The Second Generation.



Dennis R .Scanlan, Jr., joined his father upon his return from England after serving with the 8th Air Force during World War II. Working with surgeons pioneering cardiac, vascular and solid organ transplantation, he changed the designs of surgical instruments to fit any size hand and produce positive patient outcomes.


Dennis R. Scanlan Jr.

D.R. Scanlan, Jr., began working with his father to design and manufacture new surgical instruments, as well as single-use and instrument care products.


Beall Scissors

Scanlan and Arthur C. Beall, Jr., MD worked together to design the Beall scissors which facilitates cutting at difficult angles encountered in coronary artery bypass surgery.


Aortic Clamp

Scanlan International, in conjunction with Dr. Sam Hunter, develop the first aorta clamp designed to facilitate multiple graft attachments without the necessity to reposition.



SURG-I-BAND® Color Coding was invented, beginning a new era of single-use and instrument care products.


The Third Generation.


Timothy M. Scanlan.

Timothy M. Scanlan, President and Chief Executive Officer, leads the third and fourth generations of the Scanlan Family into the future. Aggressively pursuing excellence and the commitments of his father and grandfather, he continues to expand the company resources to meet the ever-changing needs of the medical community.

Today, Scanlan International continues to handcraft each surgical instrument for cardiovascular, vascular and thoracic surgeons, as well as for the orthopedic, neuro, micro, and plastic surgical specialties.


SCANLAN® Reuseable Aortic Vein Punch

Scanlan International offers the world’s medical community its latest invention, the new Aortic Vein Punch for use in coronary bypass.


SCANLAN® Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust was developed to meet the need for an instrument tip surface that would provide surgeons with definite control without trauma to tissue or damage to needles.


SCANLAN® Aorta / Vein Punch

Scanlan develops the world’s first single-use aorta vein punch.


SCANLAN® Super Cut Scissors

Scanlan introduces the Super Cut scissors offering a unique blade design which produces a razor sharp edge allowing surgeons to cut any tissue with a revolutionary degree of control and tactile response.


SCANLAN® VATS and MIS Instrumentation

Working with world-renowned cardiovascular surgeons, Scanlan International begins to develop innovative designs and concepts for video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) and minimally-invasive surgical (MIS) procedures.


SCANLAN® Neurosurgical Products

Scanlan International develops a new focus for neurosurgical products working with industry leading surgeons.


The Fourth Generation.


Russell T. Scanlan.

Russ, like Tim and Brigid grew up “in the business.”…marking the beginning of the fourth generation!

Over the years he has worn many hats in the company …he is actively involved with the continued expansion and development of products for the operating room.


SCANLAN® VATS and MIS Instrumentation

Working with world-renowned cardiovascular surgeons, Scanlan International begins to develop innovative designs and concepts for video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) and minimally-invasive surgical (MIS) procedures.


SCANLAN® Continues to Expand its VATS/MIS Instrumentation

Scanlan continues to develop minimally invasive instruments to meet the needs of thoracic surgeons evolving from a conventional (open approach) to a thoracoscopic / minimally invasive approach. This evolution to video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) became a catalyst for a new generation of specialty surgical instrumentation.


SCANLAN® Chitwood Knot Pusher

Enables the surgeon to securely tie knots even in deep operative fields through small incisions.


SCANLAN® Reliance Bulldog Clamp

The SCANLAN® Reliance Bulldog Clamp has been designed to provide secure, robust clamping pressure to assist in the temporary occlusion of vessels.


SCANLAN® Memory Instruments

Scanlan Memory Instruments incorporate nitinol technology… Nitinol is a metal alloy which is flexible and has shape memory. This means that the nitinol portion of the instrument can be bent by the user to a desired curved shape for use. The instrument will return back to its original shape when exposed to a temperature of 60°C – 90°C (140° – 194°F).


SCANLAN® Super-Micro Fine Instrumentation

SCANLAN® Super-Micro Fine instrumentation is designed to meet the needs of all microsurgeons who work under a high power operating microscope or utilize surgical loupes to facilitate microvascular surgical technique by anastomosing small nerves and vessels.


SCANLAN® LEGACY Instruments with SCAN-II® Handle

The SCAN-II® handle is a revolutionary design that features a flat surface for control with round knurled sides for a secured grip and the ability to roll the instrument during procedures.


SCANLAN® M.D.® Retractor System

The SCANLAN® M.D.® Retractor System was designed to provide excellent visualization of the surgical field during pediatric heart surgery. This retractor system features the revolutionary Scan-Vu® radiolucent single-use arms which allow the surgeon a clear, unobstructed view of the patient’s anatomy during Hybrid OR procedures.


SCANLAN® Scanturian® Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments

Scanlan introduces a new line of MIS Instruments designed to continue Scanlan’s uncompromising commitment to developing the highest quality surgical instrumentation.