Reliance Bulldog LP Clamp

Delivering Exceptional Clamping Performance For Situations When Less Is More

Setting the Gold Standard for Effective Clamping.

The new SCANLAN® Reliance Bulldog LP Clamp is based on the same platform as the current Reliance Bulldog Clamps but features a lower clamping pressure and modified dimensions optimized for use in numerous clinical situations. Designed to fit through a variety of introducer ports, the lower opening and clamping pressure make this a great option for use in situations when the patient’s anatomy or chosen technique is best served with lower pressure clamping. With its new color to differentiate this from other clamps, the SCANLAN® Reliance Bulldog LP Clamp sets the “gold standard” for effective clamping.

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Reliance Bulldog LP Clamp

Catalog NumberDescriptionTotal Length
3795-4418 mm Straight
Light Pressure
18 mm DeBakey Jaws
(4.4 cm)

For Temporary Occlusion Only. Not Intended for Implantation.

Not available in the European Union or Australia.

All products are not available in all regions. Please contact Scanlan customer service for product availability in your region.”

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Reliance Bulldog Clamps.