Dennis Rib Cutter.

The Dennis Rib Cutter May Be Useful for:

  • Chest wall resections
  • First rib resections
  • Resecting the costal cartilage during some Pectus procedures
  • Smooth feeling cutting mechanism provides clean, sharp cuts
  • Safety – the blade is centered on the footplate minimizing the possibility of inadvertently cutting tissue surrounding the rib or costal cartilage
  • 0-6 cm ruler on the distal end of the instrument

VATS Rib Cutters

Cat. No. Description Cutting Width Blade Height Shaft Working Length Total Length
9909-900 Straight Shaft 16 mm 10 mm 10 mm 11-1/2" (29 cm) 13-1/2" (34 cm)
9909-902 Straight Shaft 25 mm 15 mm
9909-904 Straight Shaft 25 mm 20 mm
9909-905 Curved Shaft 20 mm 20 mm

*9909-905 is For Non-CE Distribution

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