Reliance Bulldog Clamp

The SCANLAN® Reliance Bulldog Clamp has been designed to provide secure, robust clamping pressure to assist in the temporary occlusion of vessels. Manufactured with the highest quality stainless steel, its 1 x 2 DeBakey jaws ensure a firm yet atraumatic clamping pressure.

Reliance Bulldog Features:

• 1 x 2 DeBakey jaws
• 350 grams closing pressure*
• Suture port
• Highest quality stainless steel
• Reusable / durable
• Low profile design
• Radiopaque

Reliance Bulldog Applier / Introducer:

• Custom jaw allows for secure deployment of bulldog into the surgical field
• Designed for use with 12 mm cannula

For Temporary Occlusion Only. Not Intended for Implantation.

Not available in the European Union or Australia.

All products are not available in all regions. Please contact Scanlan customer service for product availability in your region.”

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