Chitwood DeBakey Clamp

Developed in cooperation with W. Randolph Chitwood Jr. , MD


SCANLAN® Chitwood DeBakey Clamp

10 mm shaft, ring handle, 1×2 curved left DeBakey jaws, 10 cm jaw length, with ratchet, working length: 10″ (25.4 cm), total length: 14-1/4″ (36.0 cm)

VATS Instrument Features

  • The rounded blunt ends of the jaws are useful for blunt dissection to mobilize the artery, vein and bronchus.
  • May be used as a guide prior to stapling by passing behind the mobilized artery, vein or bronchus to replicate the direction of the linear stapler.
  • May be used to clamp the lung tissue parallel to the stapler when stapling the lung tissue; this creates even tissue tension which results in a smooth, even staple line.

MIS Instrument Features

  • May be used as an aortic cross-clamp for minimally invasive cardiac procedures such as valve replacement or repair.
  • This clamp may be positioned on the aorta via a sub-axillary incision.
  • The selection of jaw sizes accommodates a wide range of patient sizes and anatomy.
  • The 1 x 2 DeBakey jaws provide an atraumatic and secure grasp of the aorta. The wider 2×3 DeBakey jaws of the 9909-232 clamp provide an even more gentle yet secure grasp of the aorta.
Please Note…

Each Scanlan instrument is individually handcrafted to provide the surgeon with the highest quality, longest-lasting, precision instrument possible. Reflecting this unique process, all stated dimensions are approximate.




VATS/MIS Category


VATS/MIS Instrument Type

Chitwood DeBakey


Ring Handle

VATS/MIS Ratchet


VATS/MIS Shaft Width

10 mm


1×2 DeBakey

VATS/MIS Jaw Dimensions

100 mm

VATS/MIS Jaw Direction

Curved Left

VATS/MIS Working Length

25.4 cm (10")

VATS/MIS Total Length

36.0 cm (14-1/4")

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