SUNDT Graduated Suction



SUNDT™ Suction

11 French
5-1/4″ (13.5 cm)

Please Note…

Each Scanlan instrument is individually handcrafted to provide the surgeon with the highest quality, longest-lasting, precision instrument possible. Reflecting this unique process, all stated dimensions are approximate.

The SCANLAN® SUNDT™ Graduated Suction System provides complete control to atraumatically retract, probe, lift, and evacuate fluid or tissue from the surgical field. The SUNDT™ system offers a choice of seven tip diameters, each available in three lengths. The universal suction handle easily accommodates all tip diameters, lengths, and configurations.

  • Atraumatic tips may be used to retract or probe delicate tissue
  • Precise fingertip control for atraumatic tissue manipulation or aspiration
  • Each suction tip is tapered to reduce clogging
  • One universal suction handle accommodates every tip configuration
  • Tips and handle easily separate for cleaning and sterilization
  • Seven suction tip diameters, ranging from 3 Fr. to 11 Fr.
  • Three suction tip lengths
  • Rotating or Non-rotating tips
  • Guide pin securely holds tips in place at angle (for non-rotating tips)
  • Universal SCANLAN® V.I.P.™ Sterilization tray holds 7 tips plus handles,
    fits all lengths
  • Tips, handle, and tray may be purchased separately or in sets

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SUNDT Graduated Suction System.