Dennis Rib Cutter


SCANLAN® Dennis Rib Cutter

10 mm shaft, 15 mm blade, 2.5 cm x 1.5 cm cutting area, straight shaft, Working Length: 11-1/2″ (29.0 cm) Total Length: 13-1/2″ (34.0 cm)

Instrument Features

  • May be useful for:
    • Chest wall resections
    • First rib resections
    • Resecting the costal cartilage during some Pectus procedures
  • Smooth feeling cutting mechanism provides clean, sharp cuts
  • Safety – the blade is centered on the footplate minimizing the possibility of inadvertently cutting tissue surrounding the rib or costal cartilage
  • 0-6 cm ruler on the distal end of the instrument
Please Note…

Each Scanlan instrument is individually handcrafted to provide the surgeon with the highest quality, longest-lasting, precision instrument possible. Reflecting this unique process, all stated dimensions are approximate.




VATS/MIS Category

Rib Cutter

VATS/MIS Instrument Type


VATS/MIS Jaw Direction


VATS/MIS Shaft Width

10 mm

VATS/MIS Working Length

29.0 cm (11-1/2")

VATS/MIS Total Length

34.0 cm (13-1/2")

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