Scanturian® MIS Resano Forceps


SCANLAN® Scanturian® MIS Resano Forceps

2.5 mm Straight Jaws, with ScanShield® Shaft, without ratchet, Blue Handle, 6-3/4″ (17.0 cm) working length, 12-1/4″ (31.0 cm) total length

  • ScanShield® Shaft

    The ScanShield® shaft feature surrounds the hinge mechanisms to avoid suture entrapment and intraoperative trauma to valve tissue and chordae tendineae (patent pending)

  • Titanium Handle

    Well balanced, durable and handcrafted MIS Instrument design

  • Handle Knurling

    Proven handle knurling design provides comfortable, secure grip and ergonomic handle design

  • Proximal End Cleaning Port

    Luer lock flush port system allows for reliable automated and intraoperative instrument flushing

Please Note…

Each Scanlan instrument is individually handcrafted to provide the surgeon with the highest quality, longest-lasting, precision instrument possible. Reflecting this unique process, all stated dimensions are approximate.


Scanturian Category


Scanturian Ratchet


Scanturian Jaw Direction


Scanturian Jaw Type


Scanturian Jaw Dimensions

02.50 mm

Scanturian Shaft Width

05 mm

Scanturian Working Length

17 cm (6-3/4")

Scanturian Total Length

31 cm (12-1/4)

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