MEMORY Nerve Hook



MEMORY Nerve Hook

Nerve Hook, Angled Flat Tip, 10″ (25.4 cm)

Angled Flat Tip:

  • For those who prefer a slightly larger, more blunt tip design – 10 mm length, flat tips
  • 40 degree tip angle prevents tissue or suture from “slipping off”
  • Atraumatic, blunt tip

SCANLAN? MEMORY Nerve Hook, Angled Flat Tip, 10? / 25.4 cm Firm Sale

Please Note…

Each Scanlan instrument is individually handcrafted to provide the surgeon with the highest quality, longest-lasting, precision instrument possible. Reflecting this unique process, all stated dimensions are approximate.

Nerve Hooks

Nerve hooks are versatile instruments which have many uses including:

  • Manipulating valve leaflets to assess for size and prolapse
  • Assessing integrity of subvalvular structures such as the chordae tendinae for stretching or rupture
  • Selecting and separating out next suture to be tied during an annuloplasty repair or valve replacement

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