EASY-TAG Tracking System


EASY-TAG Small Tracking System

2.5” x 2.875”
Spool of 250

Customize Your Message

The EASY-TAG™ Tracking System can be customized to meet the unique needs within your hospital. Simply define your message, and we do the rest! Your custom print EASY-TAG™ will be developed and printed to your specific needs.


A cost-effective, easy, secure method of tracking instruments, trays, equipment & repairs through cleaning, decontamination and sterilization processes.

  • Compatible – ETO, Steam and Plasma
  • Versatile Surface – allows placement of pre-printed labels or can be written on both sides of tag
  • No Adhesives – quick, easy and secure
  • Easy to Apply – the flexible handle loops around instruments and tray handles
  • Easy to Remove – Tear-Away™ handle provides easy separation after use
  • Color Coded – for fast and easy identification
  • Approximately 250 Tags per spool
  • Not made with natural rubber latex