D.R. Scanlan Jr.

Memorial AORN Education Scholarship


Lynne Nichols

Dear Scanlan International

Your financial support many years ago helped me ultimately achieve my goal of a master’s level education. I worked as a surgical tech for 7 years at two esteemed hospitals in my region, then returned for a master’s degree in health care.

I am now licensed in the state of Maine as an Adult Nurse Practitioner and am employed by a physician-owned outpatient surgical center in Portland, Maine:  https://www.orthoassociates.com/home/

I am very fortunate to have finally merged my surgery background with my advanced degree.  My time is currently split between direct patient care and the operating room.  Surgical mid-level providers have traditionally been, and are primarily dominated by physician’s assistants; needless to say, I am delighted to be making in-roads as a nurse practitioner in this arena.

Lynne Nichols