D.R. Scanlan Jr.

Memorial AORN Education Scholarship


Nancy Lilliott, Rn, BSN, CRNFA.

Scanlan has always recognized the importance of supporting the professional nursing industry to promote a better quality of life for our patients of today, as well as in the future. Our support for local United States and International AORN Chapters has continued since AORN’s inception in 1961. This support is reflected in many ways (donations, conference support, board member activity) and includes our annual Dennis R. Scanlan, Jr., AORN Scholarship Award.

This award is presented once a year to an AORN nurse who is seeking to strengthen her education and her value to the nursing community. It is with great pride that we introduce Nancy Lilliott as the 2000-2001 Scholarship Award Winner.

Nancy graduated from Chicago’s Wesley Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1964, becoming a staff nurse, and later a head nurse in the Post Anesthetic Care and Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Units at Wesley. In the 1970s, she worked at the V.A. hospital in San Diego, First in their PACU and then the operating room until 1985. At this time, Nancy is employed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Esch as a RN First Assistant. Nancy completed a BSN program at California State University at Dominguez Hills, graduating Magna cum Laude. Nancy also enrolled in a MSN Program at California State University at Long Beach, scheduled for graduation in 2000.

Nancy’s plans are to continue practice with the Orthopedic Group as a RN First Assistant and Nurse Practitioner.

We are proud to sponsor Nancy and her goal to strengthen her skills in the world of professional nursing.

The D.R. Scanlan, Jr., AORN Scholarship, which pays for all tuition and registration fees, is one of many generous scholarships awarded each year by AORN. The scholarship award is based on the criteria established through the AORN Scholarship Board, and is funded through the AORN foundation. These scholarships are awarded to any registered nurse (with 12 continuous months of active AORN membership) who would like to undertake a baccalaureate, master’s degree, or doctoral program in nursing or related fields.


Thank you for your recent letter regarding AORN/Scanlan scholarship recipients. I retired as an MSN/AdultNP at the end December, 2007 after 43 years in nursing.

I will forever be grateful to Scanlan for your generous scholarship when I was working on my BSN and MSN degrees.  Even though I began to work towards my college degrees a bit late in my nursing career, I remain thankful for all the assistance and encouragement I received from AORN and your company. Your scholarship eased my financial obligations when I was working full time and attending college full time.

I received my initial RN from a hospital school of nursing in 1964 and always hoped to get a college degree ‘before I left this planet.’  Scanlan helped me do that and I thank you for your generous scholarship. Each year I am ‘paying it forward’ by donating to the AORN Foundation Scholarship Fund. May Scanlan continue in it’s successful medical business.

With my best regards,

Nancy Lilliott