Protect Your Surgical Investment

SURG-I-BAND® Color Coding & TIP-GUARD Instrument Protectors.


SURG-I-BAND® Color Coding.

For over 60 years, Surg-I-Band® color coding has been used successfully throughout the world by thousands of hospitals and surgery centers.


  • Variety of Colors and Designs – providing a multitude of color coding combinations
  • Organization – by surgeon, specialty set, suite, ownership, etc.
  • Durable – resistant to flaking, chipping, peeling and cracking through multiple sterilization cycles
  • Tested Safe – clinically tested for steam, gas and flash sterilization (sterility report available upon request)
  • Cost Effective – color codes approximately 200 instruments per spool
  • Does Not Contain Natural Rubber Latex


TIP-GUARD Instrument Protectors.

Ensuring safe, cost-effective protection of blade tips and edges for all surgical instrumentation.


  • Economical – provides long term use and is cost-effective
  • Superior protection – safeguards delicate tips and edges of surgical instrumentation
  • Tested safe – clinically tested for steam, flash (immediate use) and EO sterilization (sterility report available upon request)
  • Versatile – conforms to various shapes and angles
  • Design variety – available in colored, tinted, clear and vented
  • Radiopaque
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

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