EC/IC Bypass Instrument Set


The EC/IC Instrument Set is a collection of three lengths of instruments that have been developed to accommodate the requirements for the varying depths of cranial bypass.

Additional features of this offering include:

  • A precise 0.3 mm tip
  • Scanlan’s exclusive Diamond Dust™ technology to control needle rotation and enable atraumatic handling of needles, suture and tissue
  • Streamlined tips on all forceps and needle holders provide enhanced visibility of micro needle and sutures
  • Titanium forceps eliminate needle magnetism
  • Metal instrument trays prevent damage to instruments during transport, cleaning and sterilization

9999-166 is made up of 3 subsets which can also be purchased separately. 

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EC/IC Bypass Sub Sets

Shorter Length Instruments

Sub Set

Instruments 7″ in length and shorter

Medium Length Instruments

Sub Set

Instruments 7-8″ in length

Longer Length Instruments

Sub Set

Instruments 8″ and longer in length