SCANLAN® VASCU-STATT® II Plus Approximator

Single-Use Bulldog Clamps

Vascu-Statt® single-use bulldog clamps are a lightweight, cost-effective alternative to metal bulldog clamps.

Unlike metal bulldog clamps (clamping pressure weakens after repeated use), Vascu-Statt® single-use bulldog clamps offer a unique, preset tension – ensuring consistent clamping pressure with each use.

The entire line of Vascu-Statt® single-use bulldog clamps feature…

  • Lightweight, cost-effective, plastic construction
  • Single-use, sterile packaged
  • Atraumatic – jaw designs
  • Versatile – may be applied by hand or with the specially designed VASCU-STATT® appliers
  • Radiopaque
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
Cat. No. Description Clamping Pressure
1001-582 VASCU-STATT® II Plus Approximator
Midi, Straight
1 per sterile package, 5 packages per box