Graduated Dilator

This unique instrument is designed to provide dilation and measurement of vessels to facilitate precise anastomosis creation and reduce the chance of vessel mismatch. The Scanlan® Graduated Dilator is easily placed inside the lumen of an artery (or vein) to quickly and accurately dilate and determine the vessel diameter. The easy-to-read circumferential markings on the distal tip aid in estimation of vessel dilation size.

  • Smooth, tapered distal tip designed to facilitate atraumatic placement within the lumen of an artery or vein
  • Easy-to-read circumferential markings
  • High quality hardened stainless steel for industry leading durability
  • A round handle design that allows the instrument to be easily rolled and manipulated
  • Special handle knurling for a secure, reliable grip
  • 10 year warranty against manufacturing material defects
  • A compact size  (5 ½ inch / 14cm length) allowing ease of placement

Cat. No. Description Length
2950-01 SCANLAN® Graduated Dilator Straight 5 1/2″
(14 cm)
2950-02 SCANLAN® Graduated Dilator Curved