D.R. Scanlan Jr.

Memorial AORN Education Scholarship


Mary Kay Smith.

With both a son and daughter in college, Mary Kay Smith, of Topeka, Kansas was unsure of how she could afford to finance her desire to continue her education. That was until she was selected as the Scanlan Scholarship recipient for the 1994-1995 academic year.

“I know without your company’s support, I would not have had the opportunity for this scholarship.”

The Scanlan International, Inc. Scholarship, which pays all tuition and registrations fees, is one of many generous scholarships awarded each year by AORN. The scholarship award is based on the criteria established through the AORN Scholarship Board, and is funded through the AORN foundation. These scholarships are awarded to any registered nurse (with 12 continuous month of active AORN membership) who would like to undertake a baccalaureate, master’s degree, or doctoral program in nursing or related fields.