Surgical Supply Products

A collection of our highest quality products, all designed specifically to address your needs within the O.R. and S.P.D. Our goal is to continuously enhance our designs to serve you, your hospital and ultimately, your patients.

EASY-TAG™ Tracking System

A cost-effective, easy, secure method of tracking instruments, trays, equipment & repairs through cleaning, decontamination and sterilization processes.

TIP-GUARD™ Instrument Protectors

Designed to eliminate damage to the delicate tips and edges of surgical instrumentation, SCANLAN® Tip-Guard instrument protectors are flexible yet extremely durable. Easily conforming to various shapes and angles, these re-usable instrument protectors may be cut to any desired length and will provide months of effective protection.

SURG-I-BAND® Color Coding Data Matrix

Offering hospitals an excellent system to organize and track surgical instrumentation and devices. Combining the benefits of Surg-I-Band® color coding with the technology of bar coding, Surg-I-Band® Data Matrix provides a fast, easy and precise organizational system.

V.I.P.™ Large Capacity Sterilization Tray

SCANLAN® V.I.P.™ (Valued Instrument Protection) Sterilization Trays offer excellent protection for surgical instrumentation & devices. Manufactured of strong, surgical grade aluminum, these trays provide reliable sterilization, storage and transportation.

TRAVELER™ Autoclavable Pouch

The Scanlan® Traveler™ Autoclavable Pouch is designed to provide a fast and reliable method of securing important documents to the outside of containers.

Made of durable material, it is semi transparent and features a spacious pouch to easily contain large documents. Custom labels may also be applied to the exterior of the pouch to support the identification and tracking of the contents.