LEGACY Micro Forceps and Needle Holders

Featuring the new patent pending SCAN-II™ handle design that features a flat surface for control with round knurled sides for a secure grip and the ability to roll the instrument during procedures.

Premier Surgical Scissors

The Scanlan® Premier ™ spring style scissors use arevolutionary, Scanlan proprietary technology that enhances the hardness and corrosion resistant properties of stainless steel. As a result, blades retain their sharpness longer and are very resistant to environmental damage.


These elegant scissors incorporate a unique blade design which produces a razor-sharp edge … allowing surgeons to cut any tissue type (from the very calcified and fibrous to the most elusive and delicate tissue) with a revolutionary degree of control and tactile response.

Reliance Bulldog Clamps

The Scanlan® Reliance Bulldog Clamp has beendesigned to provide secure, robust clamping pressure to assist in the temporary occlusion ofvessels. Manufactured with the highest quality stainless steel, its 1 x 2 DeBakey jaws ensure a firm yet atraumatic clamping pressure. A unique suture port allows optional suture tagging to enhance surgical location and recovery

Yasargil Reusable Temporary Occlusion Clips

M.D. Retractor System

Neurosurgical Instrumentation

The Scanlan neurosurgical instrumentation catalog is a collection of new and existing instrument designs that are frequently used in neurosurgical procedures.

Temporary Occlusion Products

Featuring Scanlan VASCU-STATT® Single-Use Bulldog Clamps, Heifetz™, Yasargil and Reliance Bulldog Temporary Occlusion Clips.

Dennis Multi-Purpose Clamps

New titanium and stainless steel Dennis Multi-Purpose Clamps.

  • Straight
  • 45º Angle
  • 90º Angle

Memory Garrett Vascular Dilators / Vessel Probes

Nitinol is a metal alloy which is flexible and has shape memory. This means that the nitinol portion of the instrument can be bent by the user to a desired curved shape for use.  The instrument will return back to its original shape when exposed to a temperature of 60°C – 90°C (140° – 194°F).

Loftus™ 2-Level ACDF Distractor

The Loftus™ 2-Level ACDF Distractor is designed to facilitate a single set-up on two level ACDF procedures. The traditional single level distractor requires the system to be re-positioned and manipulated to accommodate each level. The innovate Loftus™ 2-Level Distractor design overcomes the challenges associated with re-positioning traditional single level distractors.

SCANLAN® Graduated Dilator

This unique instrument is designed to provide dilation and measurement of vessels to facilitate precise anastomosis creation and reduce the chance of vessel mismatch. The Scanlan® Graduated Dilator is easily placed inside the lumen of an artery (or vein) to quickly and accurately dilate and determine the vessel diameter. The easy-to-read circumferential markings on the distal tip aid in estimation of vessel dilation size.

The Scanlan Group is a unique combination of enterprising businesses dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to the medical community. Designed to work independently and confidentially, each company is built on a wealth of knowledge gained from working with leading medical professionals since 1921.

Scanlan International, Inc.

Committed to the design and manufacture of the highest quality surgical instrumentation

Surgical Technologies, Inc.

Contractual support to medical device manufacturers

McLean Medical and Scientific, Inc.

McLean Medical and Scientific, Inc., specializes in providing the finest surgical instrumentation to customer’s exact specifications.

Scanlan Group B.V. 

Authorized European Representative Program and Regulatory Assistance