LEGACY Micro Forceps and Needle Holders

Featuring the new patent pending SCAN-II™ handle design that features a flat surface for control with round knurled sides for a secure grip and the ability to roll the instrument during procedures.

Premier Surgical Scissors

The Scanlan® Premier ™ spring style scissors use arevolutionary, Scanlan proprietary technology that enhances the hardness and corrosion resistant properties of stainless steel. As a result, blades retain their sharpness longer and are very resistant to environmental damage.


These elegant scissors incorporate a unique blade design which produces a razor-sharp edge … allowing surgeons to cut any tissue type (from the very calcified and fibrous to the most elusive and delicate tissue) with a revolutionary degree of control and tactile response.

Reliance Bulldog Clamps

The Scanlan® Reliance Bulldog Clamp has beendesigned to provide secure, robust clamping pressure to assist in the temporary occlusion ofvessels. Manufactured with the highest quality stainless steel, its 1 x 2 DeBakey jaws ensure a firm yet atraumatic clamping pressure. A unique suture port allows optional suture tagging to enhance surgical location and recovery

Yasargil Reusable Temporary Occlusion Clips

M.D. Retractor System

Neurosurgical Instrumentation

The Scanlan neurosurgical instrumentation catalog is a collection of new and existing instrument designs that are frequently used in neurosurgical procedures.

Temporary Occlusion Products

Featuring Scanlan VASCU-STATT® Single-Use Bulldog Clamps, Heifetz™, Yasargil and Reliance Bulldog Temporary Occlusion Clips.

Dennis Multi-Purpose Clamps

New titanium and stainless steel Dennis Multi-Purpose Clamps.

  • Straight
  • 45º Angle
  • 90º Angle

Memory Garrett Vascular Dilators / Vessel Probes

Nitinol is a metal alloy which is flexible and has shape memory. This means that the nitinol portion of the instrument can be bent by the user to a desired curved shape for use.  The instrument will return back to its original shape when exposed to a temperature of 60°C – 90°C (140° – 194°F).

Loftus™ 2-Level ACDF Distractor

The Loftus™ 2-Level ACDF Distractor is designed to facilitate a single set-up on two level ACDF procedures. The traditional single level distractor requires the system to be re-positioned and manipulated to accommodate each level. The innovate Loftus™ 2-Level Distractor design overcomes the challenges associated with re-positioning traditional single level distractors.

SCANLAN® Graduated Dilator

This unique instrument is designed to provide dilation and assessment of vessels to facilitate precise anastomosis creation and reduce the chance of vessel mismatch. The Scanlan® Graduated Dilator is placed inside the lumen of an artery (or vein) to dilate. The easy-to-read circumferential markings on the distal tip may be useful.

SCANLAN® Sundt™ Rotatable and Non-Rotatable Graduated Suction System

The SCANLAN® SUNDT™ Graduated Suction System provides complete control to atraumatically retract, probe, lift, and evacuate fluid or tissue from the surgical field. The SUNDT™ system offers a choice of seven tip diameters, each available in three lengths. The universal suction handle easily accommodates all tip diameters, lengths, and configurations.