Nodule Clamp

SCANLAN® Rocco Nodule Clamps

Developed in cooperation with Gaetano Rocco, MD, FRCSEd, FEBTS, FCCP

VATS and Open Thoracotomy Procedures

  • Developed to assist the surgeon in the excision of small peripheral (outer third of the lung) nodules
  • Can be used during a VATS wedge resection or an open thoracotomy wedge resection.
  • Choice of 2-ring sizes:
    • 3.0 cm Inner Diameter, 3.7 cm Outer Diameter
    • 4.5 cm Inner Diameter, 5.2 cm Outer Diameter
  • Used to briefly and atraumatically grasp the lung parenchyma containing a nodule to be excised.  When the clamp is removed, a temporary, circumferential line of demarcation may be visualized where the rings of the jaws had been clamped.
  • 9-ratchet closure design – this design ensures the jaws are parallel and the rings 1 cm apart when the handle is closed to the 5th ratchet.  Actuating ratchets 6-9 further closes the jaws.
  • 1 cm spacing offset between proximal end of the jaws (non-ring) when the jaws are closed to the 5th ratchet minimizes trauma to the lung tissue in the proximal end of the jaws.  This allows use of the clamp on more central (thicker) tissue.
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