Data Matrix Barcode

Color Coding Data Matrix Barcode
Offering Precise Instrument / Device Tracking

Surg-I-Band® Data Matrix Color Coding Barcode offers hospitals an excellent system to organize and track surgical instrumentation and devices. Combining the benefits of Surg-I-Band® color coding with the technology of bar coding, Surg-I-Band® Data Matrix provides a fast, easy and precise organizational system.

Advantages Include:

14 colors – For fast and easy identification
Safety – Clinically tested for steam, ETO and Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS)
Trouble Free – Easy application and removal without damaging instrument
Versatility – Can be used on most sizes and designs of instruments
Compatible with instrument tracking software and high-density data matrix ECC 200 scanners
May be used in combination with Surg-I-Band® Dispenser, Remover and Carousel
1/4” Width
Not made with natural rubber latex

Available in:

Spools – contains 200 unique data matrix barcodes
Pre-Cut Label Sheets – Designed for tracking and barcoding larger diameter devices. Each 8 1/2” x 11” sheet contains 132 unique data matrix barcodes per sheet.

72 each of 1.75”
27 each of 3”
26 each of 4”
7 each of 5”