Maintain Optimum Operating Condition and Protect Your Warranty of Your SCANLAN® Instrumentation

To maintain optimum operating condition and to protect your warranty of SCANLAN® instrumentation, we recommend the following along with your general maintenance:

Clean. Make certain that all blood and debris are removed from the instrument as soon as possible after use. Do not allow blood to dry on the instrument.

Lubricate. After a thorough cleaning and rinsing, treat the instrument with an antimicrobial water soluble instrument lubricant.

Identify. Scanlan can provide safe and appropriate instrument identification marking system(s) upon request. Do not use a mechanical engraver to mark the instrument. If you engrave the instrument, the warranty will be invalidated.

Repair, Refurbish or Sharpen. Have the instrument repaired, refurbished, or sharpened only by a Scanlan-authorized facility. Servicing by an unauthorized facility will invalidate the warranty.

Sterilize & Store. Instruments should always be sterilized and stored in an “open” and unlocked position. This increases the life of the instrument, prevents possible breakage, and is recommended by established standards.

Protect. Be certain all delicate tipped instruments are covered with a device specially designed for instrument protection (such as SCANLAN® Tip Guard instrument protectors) during storage and sterilization.

Proper Use. Instrument must be used for its intended purpose only. Improper use or care will invalidate warranty. (This includes using the correct size suture in needle holders – please see Suture Size Guide for SCANALAN® Needle Holders.)

Modifications. Modifications and repair of the instrument are available and must be done only through an authorized facility. Modifications by an unauthorized facility will invalidate the warranty.

All instruments must be decontaminated before returning to Scanlan International. Please identify decontaminated product by marking “decontaminated” on the outer shipping carton.

For further information on maintaining the quality of your surgical instrumentation, a detailed brochure entitled, The SCANLAN® Guide to Care & Maintenance of Surgical Instrumentation, is available upon request.