Abdulrauf EC/IC Set

Abdulrauf Microsurgical Instrument Set

Scanlan has collaborated with Saleem I. Abdulrauf, M.D., FACS on the development and refinement of precision microsurgical instruments to meet the technical challenges inherent in performing Extracranial – Intracranial bypass procedures.

Three lengths of instruments have been developed to accommodate the requirements for the varying depths of cranial bypass.

Additional features of this offering include:

  • A precise 0.3 mm tip
  • Scanlan’s exclusive DIAMOND DUST™ technology to control needle rotation and enable atraumatic handling of needles, suture and tissue
  • Streamlined tips on all forceps and needle holders provide enhanced visibility of micro needle and sutures
  • Titanium alloy forceps help reduce needle magnetism
  • Metal sterilization instrument trays to prevent damage to instruments during transport, cleaning and sterilization
Cat. No. Description
9999-166 Entire Set, Abdulrauf Extracranial-Intracranial EC/IC Bypass Instruments

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